1. Service Selection

Select the services you require along with any optional extras and add them to the cart. You may select services from various categories to compile a complete solution for your needs.

2. Registration and Payment

After you select all of the products and services that you require, you can view your cart and make any appropriate adjustments. Once you are satisfied with the contents of your cart you may proceed to the "make payment" page, which will direct you to register if you are a new user, or to log in if you are a returning user with an existing account. You will then be prompted to enter your payment details. Alternatively, you may request an invoice in order to make the payment via bank wire.

3. Application and KYC

After confirmation of your payment, one of our service representatives will review the services you have purchased and send you the relevant applications forms and requirements to proceed. In order to conduct the requisite due diligence procedures, we will require completed KYC documentation.

4. Other Review

Upon receipt of documentation, we will thoroughly review all documents and advise you on any necessary changes, additions or requirements you may have overlooked. In order to avoid any delays with the authorities/banks/governing bodies regarding your purchased services, we advise you to review and complete all relevant materials meticulously.

5. Service Delivery

Upon receipt of all required relevant documentation, we will begin the process in order to deliver the services purchased. Our highly trained consultants will proceed with all necessary applications and processes and will inform you promptly on their outcome.