Debt Acknowledgement

This document is used to acknowledge to the Creditor that the signatory of this document is indebted to the Creditor in a certain amount, stated in this document. Co...

Declaration of Legal Name Change

A document used to declare a legal name change.Commonly used in country/region: USA

Declaration of Loss of Share Certificate

This document formally acknowledges the loss of the certificate of shares by the shareholder and instructs the related authority to issue a replacement of the certific...

Employee Acknowledgement of Obligations

A document used to formally acknowledge an employees obligations during their employment. Commonly used in country/region: EU, Internationally

LLC Company Summary

A document used to summarise a Limited Liability Company including names of members, managers and officers. Commonly used in country/region: USA

Letter Acknowledging Complaint

This letter is used to notify that the complaint has been acknowledged and will be investigated. Commonly used in country/region: EU, Internationally