13 Print Advertising Examples to Inspire Your Business

Magazines stacked on top of each other with blurry print ads

Print advertising was the dominant form of marketing before experiencing a decline due to digital media’s emergence. This form of advertising uses physical, printed media, such as newspapers, magazines, billboards, direct mail, posters and flyers to reach their target consumers.

What are the different types of print advertising available?

Newspapers: Newspapers cover various local, regional and international news. Published on a daily or weekly basis, newspapers target different audiences and are commonly used by advertisers to reach their consumers. 

Magazines: Magazines tend to be more casual than newspapers and offer extensive topic options to their readership. They cover various topics ranging from fashion, health, sport, culture, culinary and current affairs. Magazines allow advertisers to be much more creative with their campaigns. For example, perfume companies will include samples along with a colourful and memorable creative design.

Billboards and Posters: When advertising on billboards and posters it might be hard to directly address your target consumers, however, you will be able to reach a wide selection of potential customers who are on the go. Billboards are normally found on roads or highways while posters can be used anywhere – gyms, train stations, airports, malls and more.

Direct Mail: Direct mail includes letters, brochures, flyers and postcards. Advertisers tend to use this method to reach more targeted audiences. 



Happy Moving Day Campaign

McDonaldAlessandra Colucci

McDonald’s is renowned for creating exceptional marketing campaigns. One of its most creative ones is the Moving Day campaign which was featured in Canada. In Canada, 1 July is considered the traditional moving day as, on that day, fixed terms of rental leases are mandated.

The ad showcases popular McDonald’s meals, such as the Egg McMuffin and a Big Mac, like paint swatches. The campaign’s aim was to encourage movers to stop by McDonald’s and grab some food after a long day of moving, thus becoming part of the tradition and moving process. 

Open All Night

McDonaldAds of the World

McDonald’s is known for keeping its stores open 24/7 and often uses that in its campaigns. The ‘Open All Night’ campaign was created by the team at Leo Burnett, who took advantage of the famous McDonald’s golden arches logo, turning it into the illuminated symbol that indicated the fast-food restaurant is open.


Valentine’s Day Campaign

IKEA ValentineAds of the World

IKEA’s risqué, but creative, campaign for Valentine’s day in 2018 was a massive hit. Seemingly simple but memorable, the campaign put a smile on quite a few people’s faces.

Pee On This Campaign

Ikea Pee On This CampaignCampaigns of the World

Another innovative ad by IKEA was transforming a crib advert into a pregnancy test by asking prospective mothers to pee on it. Should the test come positive, then the mom-to-be would be able to receive a crib at half price.


SMS Mistype

Opel Sms MistypeAds of the World

Opel created an impactful campaign by incorporating road safety into it. The car manufacturer warned its audience of the dangerous consequences of driving and texting by simply showing an incoherent SMS message to demonstrate how distracting texting and driving can be.


A Dog Makes You Happier. Campaign 

Pedigree A Dog Makes You Happier CampaignAndrew Garberson

Pedigree created a beautiful campaign showing two almost identical images side by side, with just one key element missing from one of them – a dog. This heart-warming campaign also uses the word ‘Adopt’ over ‘Buy’ which acknowledges the ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ slogan; a worldwide movement which advocates for the adoption of pets from shelters over the purchasing of animals from breeders. It’s safe to say that Pedigree tied its campaign with this slogan perfectly.

Treats Control Your Dog Campaign

Pedigree Treats Control Your Dog CampaignAds of the World

Another fun campaign by Pedigree was the image of a treat being used as a video game console to control the dog depicted. The campaign definitely succeeded in getting the message across: dogs will do anything for their beloved treats!

French Health Ministry

Campaign Against Child Obesity 

French Health Ministry Campaign Against Child ObesityTrend Hunter

France’s Health Ministry created an impactful yet creative campaign. The main message was directed towards parents, suggesting that they should watch their children’s diets and warning them that ‘Obesity starts at a young age.’

The illustration of an ice cream shaped like an obese body creates multiple contradictions; while it is very colourful and seemingly happy, it bears a strong, eye-opening message to both children and parents.


Rear View Camera Pet Campaign

Ford Rear View Camera Pet CampaignBehance

Ford advertised its new rear-view camera by incorporating pets into its campaign. In a series of different images, the campaign showed cats and dogs taking selfies of themselves; the campaign alluded to the common idea that animals are often hit by cars because drivers do not see them standing behind them. The campaign highlights Ford’s new feature and demonstrates adequately how its cars are even safer than before, striking a chord for animal lovers and pet owners alike. 

Chupa Chups

Sugar-Free Lollipops Campaign

Chupa Chups Sugar Free Lollipops CampaignMedium

Chupa Chups is famous for its iconic lollipops and has been the public’s favourite for many years. However, as the sugar-free movement began taking over the market, the brand decided to follow the trend and add sugar-free lollipops among its products. The company created an impressive campaign, depicting a line of ants walking around a dropped lollipop in disinterest, due to it being sugar-free. This clever campaign definitely did not fail to catch the eye of many consumers, including the more health-cautious bunch.


‘Shhhhhhhh’ Campaign

JBL Block out the Chaos CampaignAds of the World

JBL created an extremely intelligent campaign to feature its soundproof headphones. Using two infamous and equally opinionated political figures, the company used current affairs to highlight the use of their sound-blocking headphones. JBL is famous for having some of the best headphones on the market, and their campaign uses humour to highlight the effectiveness of their products in a quite memorable way.

World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)

Climate Change Campaign

WWF Climate Change CampaignAds of the World

WWF’s emotional campaign featured endangered species, such as an elephant, slowly disintegrating to dust. The campaign emphasizes the effects of climate change and its irreversible damage to the ecosystem. Its main objective was to touch people, especially those who are dedicated to preservation efforts, with an impactful image that carries a stark message. 


Because Life Makes Wrinkles Campaign

Nivea Because Life Makes Wrinkles CampaignAds of the World

Nivea created a clever illustration to encourage men to do something most of them would never consider – to use anti-wrinkle cream. The campaign incorporated different things happening on a set of deep wrinkles, including a young child – a nod to parenthood and all of its ups and downs. The campaign’s aim was to make men reconsider their skincare or lack of and encourage them to start now. 


The essential thing when creating a print ad is creativity. Creating an image that is both captivating and impactful is not easy, but it’s definitely worth the artistic and financial outcome, especially for big brands such as those mentioned above.

However, smaller businesses can also benefit from print advertising – every great product can tell a story or spread a message. In order to succeed, you need to know your audience as well as the message you want to coney, from there on, your brand could reach new levels of recognition