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Falcon Private Bank

Personal Account Opening in Switzerland

Personal bank account and full Internet Banking facilities with Falcon Private Bank in Switzerland for your asset management and investments. The Bank offers premium financial solutions designed to help you achieve your personal financial goals through various levels of delegation for the management of your assets – from execution services and active advisory to discretionary mandates and fully customised solutions.

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  • About the Bank

    Falcon Private Bank is a Swiss private banking boutique with 50 years of expertise in wealth management. The bank provides first-class financial services to private clients and wealthy families from its headquarters in Zurich, and branches and representative offices in Geneva, London, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

    Founded in Zurich in 1965 as Ueberseebank, the Bank was renamed AIG Private Bank in 1998 and following a change of ownership, the name Falcon Private Bank was launched in 2009. Since 2009, Falcon Private Bank is owned by International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC), one of the world’s leading sovereign wealth funds from Abu Dhabi.

    In 2014, total assets of Falcon Private Bank AG were 3 467.67 mio CHF and the gross profit - 19.00 mio CHF.

    All credit institutions operating in Switzerland are obliged to participate in Swiss deposit guarantee scheme, which compensate certain deposits held by depositors of a bank that becomes unable to meet its obligations. In the case of Falcon Private Bank AG failure, eligible depositors having covered accounts in this bank will be paid out the maximum protected amount of 100,000 CHF compensation.

  • Facilities


    The bank offers easy execution of transactions, comprehensive portfolio administration and transparent reporting. Clients get direct access to Emerging Markets and exclusive investment opportunities:

    • Corporate and personal accounts (cash accounts and precious metal accounts in all major currencies).
    • Master or Visa Credit Cards
    • Full Internet Banking
    • Multilingual customer support
    • Custody
    • Cash Management: escrow accounts, fiduciary-deposits
    • Lending
    • Exclusive investment opportunities
    • Direct Trading Access
    • Investment Advisory Services
    • Portfolio management

    The approximate time-frame for account allocation is 2- 3 weeks upon receipt of the required documentation by the bank and a face-to-face meeting.

    The Falcon Private Bank can be considered as a high-cost bank with respect to service fee and account maintenance. Depending on the banking package chosen the annual account maintenance fee can range from CHF 1,200 to CHF 2,200; dormant account fee is CHF 1,500. Charges of international payments excluding 3rd party charges are CHF 85.
    Custody fees are calculated on a cumulative basis and charged on the portfolio value excluding cash, fixed-term deposits and fiduciary deposits.
    The execution all-in fee and management fee are charged on the total portfolio value and available to clients with a regular trading volume.
    The minimum advisory fee is CHF 6,000 (p.a.).

  • PLEASE NOTE that bank tariffs may be changed anytime at the sole discretion of the bank, we therefore suggest to contact us or visit the bank’s website for updated details on specific fees and charges.
  • STARTING BUSINESS professional service fee for the assistance of bank account opening does not include any bank charges and commissions, account maintenance fees, transaction fees, initial deposit or minimum balance.

  • Requirements


    • Client's personal presence in the bank is not necessary, however this will depend on the case. The bank can organize the meeting in Switzerland or in client's home country.
    • The initial balance required is CHF 500,000 or equivalent in another currency. The assets must increase to CHF 1 mio. within 12 months
    • Required account balance is CHF 1 - 3 mio.
    • The private banking relations in form of investments in securities or asset management are obligatory.
    • Account opening timeframe. The account will be activated within 2- 3 weeks, upon receipt by the bank of all duly completed forms and relevant information.
    • Confirmation of source of funds of the client will be required (e.g. salary confirmation, confirmation of dividend distribution including balance sheet of the company, contracts, etc.)
    • U.S. citizens (including persons with dual citizenship), U.S. residents, entities incorporated or organized in the U.S.A will not be accepted for account opening.

    • Notarized copy of valid passport.
      The passport must be signed and signature must match the signature in the application form. The photograph must be clear and of good quality.
    • Original or notarized copy of utility bill / bank statement dated within 3 months as verification of residential address.
    • Original or notarized copy of Banker's reference letter, dated within 3 months
    • Personal CV