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AP Anlage & Privatbank now Kaleido Privatbank

Personal Account Opening in Switzerland

AP Anlage & Privatbank provides international personal bank accounts, with limited internet banking facilities for managing your investment needs.

The bank also offers a range of customised cash management and private banking solutions.

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The information you provide will allow us to obtain approval for your account as quickly as possible. Please proceed to the buying process and you will get the Pre-Approval Form Application in your purchases. Please answer each question fully and in detail. Your application may be delayed if the form is incomplete.
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  • Requirements


    • A personal visit to the bank is not required, but it is advisable to meet the bank representative in one of the branches or representative offices.
    • The minimum balance and initial deposit requirement is CHF250,000.
    • The account will be activated upon receipt of all duly completed forms and relevant information.


    • Notarized copy of a valid passport. The passport must be signed and the signature must match the signature in the application form. The photograph must be clear and of good quality.
    • Original or notarized copy of a utility bill / bank statement dated within 3 months as verification of residential address.
    • Original or notarized copy of a bank reference letter, dated within 3 months.
    • Power of attorney (where applicable).
    • Personal CV.


    • Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation.
    • US citizens or residents are not accepted for account opening.


    Shipping of corporate documents or banking kits to your destination requires an extra charge and will be automatically added to your order during checkout. Shipping costs for international courier services are set automatically depending on geographic zones.

  • About the Bank

    AP Anlage & Privatbank is a Swiss private bank with its headquarters in Zurich. The bank was established in 1995 by Hypo Bank (Germany). In 2004, the bank was acquired by the Latvian Parex Group. Currently the bank is a 100% subsidiary of Citadele Banka (Latvia).

    The bank is active in the Baltics, Russia and all CIS markets. Due to this particular setting with roots in both Switzerland and Latvia, the bank combines Swiss banking know-how with a profound market understanding of the Baltics, Russia and CIS countries, giving it a significant competitive advantage.

    The bank has its representative offices in Latvia and Ukraine.

    In 2014, the total assets of AP Anlage & Privatbank AG were CHF341m. Growth compared to the previous period (2013) was 34.49%.

    AP Anlage & Privatbank is a member of the governmental Swiss Deposit Guarantee Scheme and, in case of failure, all eligible depositors will be covered with compensation up to CHF100,000.

  • Facilities


    • Corporate and personal accounts in 3 major currencies: CHF, EUR and USD.
    • International transfers.
    • Commercial bank accounts for performing business activities (no more than 20 transactions per month).
    • Advisory and mandate portfolio management.
    • View-only e-banking facilities.
    • Deposit and investment services.
    • Brokerage.
    • Asset management.
    • Trading and custody of gold bars.
    • Classic/premier/prepaid Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards in CHF, EUR or USD.

    The account will be activated upon receipt of all duly completed forms and relevant information.


    AP Anlage & Privatbank can be considered a medium-cost bank with respect to account maintenance and bank transfer fees. There is a one-time fee for personal account opening of CHF500 and quarterly account maintenance is CHF500. The outgoing transfer fee for standard payments in CHF (per transaction, value date + 2) is CHF50. Outgoing transfers in USD (per transaction, value date + 2) will be 0.2% (minimum CHF250; maximum CHF400). Outgoing transfers in EUR (per transaction, value date + 2) will be 0.2% (minimum CHF150; maximum CHF300). Incoming payments are free of charge.

    PLEASE NOTE: Bank tariffs may be changed anytime at the sole discretion of the bank. Therefore, we suggest that you contact us or visit the bank’s website for updated details on specific fees and charges.

    The Starting Business professional service fee for the assistance of bank account opening does not include any bank charges and commissions, account maintenance fees, transaction fees, initial deposit, or minimum balance.