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Marshall Islands Company Starter Pack

Complete company formation and corporate bank account

Set up your offshore company in the Marshall Islands and get a FREE corporate bank account with Euro Pacific Bank (Puerto Rico)





    The Marshall Islands Associations Law, adopted in 1990, is modeled on the corporate laws of the states of Delaware and New York and was modified to include all the necessary characteristics of an offshore jurisdiction, such as bearer shares, facsimile filings, and execution of documents without notary affidavits. With a unique flexibility, each corporation may be organized in the U.S. style with a President, Secretary and Treasurer, or in the U.K. style with a Managing Director and Corporate Secretary. The Marshall Islands Association Law was recently republished in a new publication, which includes the Business Corporations Act, Partnership and Limited Partnership Act, Unincorporated Associations, and the Limited Liability Company Act.

    The most popular company form used by international investors in the Marshall Islands is a Non-Resident Corporation. Non-Resident Corporations have certain restrictions: they cannot trade within the Marshall Islands, cannot undertake the business of banking, trust services, insurance, assurance or reinsurance and gaming. A Company incorporated in the Marshall Islands has the same powers as a natural person.

    The Republic of the Marshall Islands has an exclusive franchise with one private company, which administers corporate and maritime registries specializing in the needs of the shipping and financial services industries across a broad commercial and economic spectrum.


    Marshall Islands corporations’ names must end in one of the following words, or their relevant abbreviations: Corporation, Incorporated, Limited, Public Limited Company, Aktiengesellschaft, Société Anonyme, Sociedad Anónima, Société Anonyme à Responsabilité Limitée, Berhad, Proprietary, Naamloze Vennootschap, Besloten Vennootshcap, Aktiengesellschaft. Names may be in any language as long as Roman characters are used and any standard corporate suffix is acceptable. The following words cannot be used in the name of a Marshall Islands corporation: bank, chartered, establishment, foundation, insurance, partnership or trust. Names denoting any connection to local, state or national governments are generally prohibited. The Registrar may however require an English translation if a foreign language is used to ensure that the proposed name is not a restricted name.


    After receipt of name approval, companies can be incorporated using standard Articles of Incorporation. With standard Articles, the request to incorporate should contain the following information: corporate name, number of authorized shares, whether shares have par or no par value (if par value, amount per share), whether the shares are to be in bearer and/or registered form.


    A minimum of one shareholder is required which may be an individual or a corporate body. The details of company beneficial owners and shareholders are not part of the public records.


    There is no specific minimum capital requirement. The standard authorized share capital is 500 shares without par value or a capital with a stated par value up to US$ 50,000. The authorized share capital may be expressed in any currency. The minimum issued share capital is either one share of no par value or one share of par value. Marshall Islands’ corporations may have registered shares, preference shares, redeemable shares, shares with or without par value and shares with or without voting rights.


    A Marshall Island Corporation requires a minimum of one director, who can be a physical person or a corporate body. Details of company directors do not appear on the public file. There is no requirement to have resident directors.


    Every company, registered in the Marshall Islands is required to have a registered office and address, which should be notified to the Registrar. A Registered Agent is required to ensure that the corporation has an assigned representative at a known address to receive all service of process (legal notices) on its behalf. A Marshall Islands corporation must appoint a company secretary who may be a natural person or a corporate body. The company secretary can be of any nationality and need not be resident in the Marshall Islands.


    The directors and the shareholders meetings need not be held in Marshall Islands; also there is a requirement for an Annual General Meeting. All meetings may be held outside Marshall Islands, by telephone or other electronic means. Alternatively, directors and shareholders may vote by proxy.


    A Marshall Islands Corporation can be formed within one (1) business day. Corporate documents can be legalized via Apostille also within one (1) business day.


    • Provision of registered office and registered address
    • Provision of resident agent/company secretary
    • Payment of annual government fees


    Euro Pacific Bank Ltd. is the parent company of Euro Pacific Intl., Euro Pacific Advisors Ltd., Global Trading Ltd., and Euro Pacific Funds SCC Ltd. The companies were formed in order to provide superior international banking services.

    Euro Pacific Bank is Licensed and regulated by the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions in Puerto Rico.

    Euro Pacific Bank differentiates itself from other offshore banking alternatives by providing excellent client-focused service and support. Although the bank uses convenient cutting-edge online banking technology, they do not subject clients to a web of interactive phone menu systems and online help forms.

    Euro Pacific Bank offers a wide range of banking solutions and innovative products, including gold and silver backed accounts and debit cards and brokerage platform.

    As of 20th November 2017, Euro Pacific Bank moved its operations to Puerto Rico from St Vincent and the Grenadines.


    • Personal and Corporate accounts
    • Internet banking
    • Phone banking
    • Accounts in USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, JPY
    • Prepaid Cards in EUR, USD, GBP
    • Gold/Silver backed accounts available
    • Brokerage Platform
    • Multilingual customer support
    • The approximate timeframe for account allocation is 7 to 10 days after the documents have been received by the bank.


    Euro Pacific Bank can be considered as a medium-cost bank with respect to incoming/outgoing payments and account maintenance. The bank charges for incoming payments can vary between USD 12- USD 75 depending on the amount of transfer. The outgoing payment fees vary between USD 22-USD 85 depending on the amount of transfer. The monthly account maintenance fee for a corporate account is USD 22.50. There is no charge for online banking access.

    PLEASE NOTE that bank tariffs may be changed anytime at the sole discretion of the bank, we therefore suggest to contact us or visit the bank’s website for updated details on specific fees and charges.

    STARTING BUSINESS professional service fee for the assistance of bank account opening does not include any bank charges and commissions, account maintenance fees, transaction fees, initial deposit or minimum balance.



    Marshall Islands non-resident corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships and limited liability companies are statutorily exempt from all forms of taxation in the Marshall Islands. There is zero taxation on all income, profits, dividends, royalties, compensation or other related sources of revenue and there is no double taxation agreement.


    Whilst there is no requirement to file audited financial statements with local authorities, a Marshall Islands company is required to keep financial records to reflect its financial position.



    • Name check and approval
    • Drafting and filing Articles of Incorporation and Constitution
    • A standard set of original corporate documents
    • Payment of the Government License fee
    • Provision of registered office and registered address for one year
    • Provision of company secretary for one year
    • Rubber stamp


    Please provide the following documents for all Directors, Shareholders, Beneficial Owners, Authorized Signatories:

    • Notarized copy of valid passport.
    • Original or Certified copy of utility bill / bank statement (as verification of residential address, dated within 3 months).
    • Original or certified copy of Banker’s reference letter (dated within 3 months).
    • In cases where shareholders and/or directors are corporate bodies, full apostilled set of corporate documents and Certificate of Good Standing (for companies registered more than 1 year).

    Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation.


    If you conduct any activity without required license or authorization granted by a relevant authority in any jurisdiction, STARTING BUSINESS will not be able to assist you with the company formation or bank account opening related to such unlicensed activity.

    Licensable activities include, but not limited to: provision of financial services involving trading/brokerage in foreign exchange, financial and commodity-based derivative instruments and other securities; offering investment advice to public; insurance and banking business; operation and administration of collective investment schemes and mutual funds; payment processing services; money exchange, money transmission or money brokering; asset management; safe custody services; gaming, gambling and lotteries.

    Please contact us if you need our assistance in licensing of your financial, Forex brokerage or gambling company.


    • Personal presence is not mandatory, however a phone interview will be required
    • The minimum balance and minimum initial deposit required of USD 500
    • The account will be activated within 7 - 10 business days, upon receipt by the bank of all duly completed forms and relevant information.

    PLEASE NOTE: There is a list of restricted countries/regions/citizens/residents for account opening: USA, OFAC-listed countries, OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States), New Zealand FSPs, all CIS countries (including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus), some African countries, Venezuela and Balkans countries.


    For the Company:

    A set of legalized company documents consisting of:

    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Memorandum and Articles of Associations
    • Documents confirming the appointment of company directors and secretary (if any)
    • Document confirming the location of the registered office
    • Share Certificate(s)
    • Certificate of Good Standing if the company is more than 12 months old
    • Copy of the Corporate Structure, identifying the ultimate beneficial owner(s)
    • Valid License (if applicable)

    For each director, shareholder, secretary, authorised signatory and ultimate beneficial owner:

    • Notarized copy of valid passport. The passport must be signed and signature must match the signature in the application form. The photograph must be clear and of good quality.
    • Original or notarized copy of utility bill / bank statement dated within 3 months as verification of residential address.
    • Original or notarized copy of Banker's reference letter, dated within 3 months
    • Power of Attorney (where applicable)
    • Personal CV

    For each corporate officer (where the company directors or shareholders are legal entities), please provide:

    A set of legalized company documents consisting of:

    • Copy of constitutional documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Articles, etc.).
    • Copy of Corporate Register (which shall include Register of Shareholders, Directors and Secretary).
    • Copy of the Corporate Structure.
    • Certificate of Good Standing.

    Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation.


    Shipping of corporate documents or banking kits to your destination requires an extra charge and will be automatically added to the invoice during checkout. Shipping costs for international courier services are set automatically and will be USD 130. Please be advised that there will be some exceptions where the fee might be higher.