7 Examples of a Good Company Mission Statement

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Crafting a mission statement can be a challenge for new business owners. In one sentence, you need to differentiate your brand and effectively communicate your vision, which is not an easy task; it has to align with the tone and the voice that best represents your organisation.

That's not all, either. An effective mission statement should be designed to inspire your company's audience, expressing not only what it aims to achieve, but also the reasoning behind it. You want to create emotional connections that consumers can bond with and develop a sense of loyalty to.

So, what should the ideal mission statement look like?

Examples of a Mission Statement

To show you how it's done, we've compiled some of the most famous company mission statements, each of which has created an authentic, motivating and passionate message for their audience. Hopefully, they can inspire you to do the same.

Tony's Chocolonely

100% slave free, the norm in chocolate.

This Dutch confectionary company cares about much more than just selling chocolate, as evidenced by its short, strong mission statement.

The key to this statement's success is in its clarity; in just a few words, Tony's immediately lets readers know what is at the heart of its business motivation and operations – tackling the unfair distribution of value and power in the cocoa supply chain. Despite its direct purpose, however, it still reminds the reader of the product it sells by referencing its chocolate.

The company also plays on an association between two positive factors: the production of chocolate products, and working towards an empowering purpose. The composition of this statement manages to sweeten an often-difficult subject which, handled incorrectly, can make customers feel guilty for participating in a supply chain which fosters unseen slavery elsewhere in the world.


Our mission is to empower every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more.

This iconic mission statement capitalises on Microsoft's worldwide recognition; customers do not need to be reminded of the specific technology products and software that Microsoft sells, but instead buy into the concept that, with these products, they can "achieve more" in their lives.

The language used within this statement has a focus on inclusivity, too, removing barriers regarding age, gender, nationality, education or professional level. Its open-ended approach intentionally insinuates that Microsoft has the ability to continue empowering the world indefinitely.

The company's community contribution strategy includes student and professional training, industry innovation and philanthropy, and puts this mission statement into action, translating its core values to tangible actions witnessed by both existing and potential customers.

The Honest Company

We're a wellness brand with values rooted in consciousness, community, transparency and design. And we're on a mission to empower people to live happy, healthy lives. Every day and in every way, we hold ourselves to an Honest standard. Because we believe that what you put on, in and around your body matters. A lot.

A household goods and beauty brand, The Honest Company proves that a mission statement does not need to be a catchy one-liner in order to be effective. Rather, this statement starts a conversation around what we are willing to "put on, in and around" our bodies.

A succinct summary of its objectives, the statement includes many keywords which leave a lasting, emotional impression. "Honest", "healthy", "happy", "community", and "transparency" all hit a sweet spot with the company's target consumer demographic, focusing on values which are of high priority and therefore earning their attention and loyalty.


Airbnb exists to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere, providing healthy travel that is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive and sustainable.

On the surface, this business unicorn may have brought disruptive innovation to the hospitality industry, but its true purpose is in inclusivity and travel accessibility. Therefore, its mission statement targets its ideal user group: those who were less likely to travel the world due to financial costs and other constraints.

It aims to "create" a world where boundless travel is possible and accessible to anyone. The vocabulary used is smart and effective, positioning the company as the leader of its industry with authority to champion these changes.

Its statement has also been expertly crafted to encompass new offerings which may come as a result of the company's expansion and development, such as its more recent 'Experiences' product category. This is an important factor for young startups to consider when putting together a mission statement.


TOMS' mission to help improve lives through business is a core value and is embedded in everything we do. We believe in partnering with others who share these values and who conduct business ethically.

TOMS is among the most well-known socially driven retail brands, with its one-for-one business model built upon affecting change in global forced labour practices.

Its mission statement is not short and sharp like others – it doesn't seek to shock or focus on high-impact words such as child labour or slavery. Instead, it takes a conversational tone and is an excellent example of a brand adopting a more relaxed approach to communicating values. This statement allows TOMS to expand on its objectives via its website and press material, aiming to inform customers of its actions towards this goal.

TOMS is an example of a company that sees through its mission beyond mere branding, too. According to the company, it has "impacted over 94,000,000 lives through our shoe, sight and water giving", working "with over 90 non-governmental, international humanitarian and social enterprise organisations in over 90 countries."

Impossible Foods


Impossible Foods' goal is a more challenging mission to convey than most. The company addresses its primary, short-term objective of making plant-based "meat" products, in order to meet its long-term goal of removing our dependence on animal agriculture and therefore minimising its negative impact on global ecosystems.

Unlike other issues, those of animal agriculture sustainability are not yet universally known or accepted among consumers, and this statement addresses the topic accordingly. The simplicity of the language used makes it easy to understand, regardless of whether its audience agrees with or opposes this view.

Purposefully printed in capital letters, the statement drives home its message, in just five words. It adopts the loud and direct communication style of animal rights activism, without presenting its message in an overly assertive or malicious tone.

Hiut Denim Co.

Do one thing well.

This mission statement does not focus on Hiut Demin's products or marketing strategy, although it suggests that the company 'does' denim well. It also insinuates that Hiut offers the highest focus on quality among its competitors without actually using these words, and relies on the readers' association to accomplish this.

By removing pronouns such as "we" and "you", the statement reads more philosophically, resonating with its audience on a personal level. Customers can relate to their own efforts to doing "well" in their lives, families, communities and careers, enhancing the lasting emotional impact of the message.

This direct communication is consistent throughout the company's branding, too. Its website, for instance, asserts that: "We make jeans. That's it. Nothing else. No distractions. Nothing to steal our focus". This reinforces the statement throughout Hiut's online presence and beyond.


Each of the above mission statements accurately portrays the values and objectives of their respective brands. By using carefully selected language, tone and structure, the statements target the brands' intended audiences with emotion, purpose and loyalty in mind – providing great examples for new business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

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What other great business mission statements can you think of? Let us know in the comment section below.